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Our work reduces risk and, therefore, operational costs as criminals are deterred and crimes prevented. The overall effect is higher employee morale, enhanced profits, and greater guest satisfaction!

Due Diligence Investigations
RSC conducts inquiries to establish probity prior to acquisitions, significant financial transactions, joint ventures, and commitment to professional relationships.

Security Assessments/Liability Audits
Our consultants evaluate local crime, analyze security incidents, and assess a property's exposure.

Security Manuals
Our professionals write security manuals that comply with local regulations and customs, company standards, and industry best practices. We also develop security policies and procedures that reflect your management's specific objectives and philosophy.

Parking Security
RSC evaluates the security of parking lots/garages and makes recommendations regarding barriers; lighting; audio monitoring; landscaping; access control; and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems.

Security Design
We collaborate with architects and write specifications for security systems—including locks, safes, radios, CCTV, and barriers—by applying the concept of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). In addition, our consultants interface with security vendors to ensure timely submission of and consistency in proposals to obtain the best value.

Contract Security
Our professionals evaluate your existing security staff's performance and, if requested, will write a specification to incorporate contract security. We also provide insight toward creating effective contracts that lock in performance requirements and protect the hotel or resort.

Our consultants will review or create effective guard post orders if needed.

Security Training
RSC provides hospitality-sensitive security training for security officers, lounge and nightclub staff, front desk staff, doormen, and housekeeping staff. Special training modules focusing on workplace violence, robbery, hotel fraud, emergency response, and crisis management are available.

Background Checks
We assist management in creating policies and establishing a cost-effective program of employee background checks and vendor qualifications and clearances.

Drug Policies
RSC consultants review drug policies and provide guidance on drug testing, use of undercover investigations, and drug awareness programs.

Internal and External Investigations
RSC maintains a team of seasoned former police and federal investigators on staff to conduct internal, external, and undercover investigations.

Resort Security Consulting (RSC) hotel security and resort security
   Our mission is to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions that exceed our clients' requirements and expectations.
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